Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Style

Here's a little preview of my new single snap turned & topstitched pad....I've agonized over this single snap style for a while.  I love my double snap style so much, but then I realized this could be just something else I offer, for the foreseeable future I'll still continue to make and stock my double snap pads as well as serged pad and now these too!  The pads pictured are 9", 10" and 11" long, I have to admit I'm reluctant to draft a 12" single snap size, my 12.5" size is my favourite.  I'm sure I'll give it a try, I just need to think through a bit more.

Here's a peek at the wetbags I'll be stocking today too.  I'm hoping to get them all listed today.  I'll also be listing some serged pads too, these pads are wonderful...several serged pads have made there way into my personal stash too!  I found some pink and blue minky scraps and used them to make these pads, I won't be making this style often but I do like that I can squeeze some extra fabric out of my scrap basket and make something a little different too :)  

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