Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yarn Along :: pink!

Joining Ginny for another Yarn Along
It's been quite a long time since I bought or wore anything pink. This is my Mustard Scarf, it's almost finished and I realized while working on it this morning that I somehow have gained an extra 10 stitches?! I'm just going to keep on going with it though, I don't think it will affect the finished look (not while it's on anyways!). Next I'm going to knit myself a 'Ela's Favorite Hat' from One Skein Wonders 101 Yarn Shop Favorites. My mom knit me one of these hats for Christmas and I've loved the fit so much and I wear it all the time.

Bill thought it strange that I should be knitting hats and scarfs this late in the season but I know there's still more winter left here and I need something new, bright, and pretty to get through the rest of it.

I'm still reading Sisters in the Wilderness from my last Yarn Along. I've become so interested in the lives of Catharine Parr Traill and Susanna Moodie, a main reason is because they were settled right here in the very area of Ontario we live in, the struggles they endured are just unbelievable, heart breaking, and often inspirational.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Customized Custom Order

I wanted to show this custom order I just finished, it's been a while since I've sewn any of the hunk fabric up (I'm actually almost out of it!). These are all 12.5" pads but have a core more suitable for average to moderate flow (rather than heavy flow) and the customer requested PUL too.

I've got to get back to some nap time projects, Rowan's birthday is coming up in just a little over a week and we're planning a mostly handmade birthday, but I've got nothing done yet!

Friday, February 18, 2011

New Wet & Dry Bags

Aren't these pretty? They're also very practical. These are wet/dry bags, after having a couple of custom requests for these (and making myself one) I decided to add them to my Etsy shop.
The front zippered pocket is lined with cotton (great for storing clean, dry pads) the top zippered section is lined with PUL to contain messy stuff. And of course you can hang it.
Use them for your cloth pads, cloth diapers, and family cloth. This bag is going to be very handy when potty learning starts, and for the pool/beach.

Friday, February 11, 2011

11" size re-drafted (again)

While working on a custom order a few weeks ago (for some 12.5" pads) it occurred to me that it would be great to re-draft my 11" pattern with a touch more flare to it. I hope you like it! It's not a huge flare, the back flare measures just a smidge wider now at 4.5".
I have three of these new 11" pads to list in my Etsy shop, plus a few other pads. Rowan *just* woke from a much shorter than normal nap so the listings will show up a bit slower than I'd hoped, sigh.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Catch All Post

I know there's ends that need tying up here, things I said I would post about and haven't here goes. Get ready to be overloaded!

I said I'd post about my Waldorf doll making experience and really all I can say is make one! It's a fun and easy project. That said be sure to have a thimble and bandages before you start...don't be scared! I just found that while forming the head I cut/pricked my fingers a few times (who said crafting was easy?) injuries aside it is NOT good to mark your work with a little smudge of blood, so just get some band aids in case.

I used this pattern for the body, it's a wonderful pattern. Read it through a couple times so you know exactly what you're doing. This seller also just came out with a 16" doll pattern which I grabbed up. I used this tutorial for the hair (the pattern I bought also has hair directions too, I just wanted a different style).

This is how the doll has sat recently, unclothed and one sock is missing. Truthfully Rowan rarely reaches for her, though I'm sure there's still time for her to become a favorite.
Another picture of Rowan painting which is almost a daily event here. She's painting with Q-tips here, but all painting experiences usually end up with finger painting which is fine with me. She was moving her tray of paint and it tipped into her face (and hair) she then thought it might be good to try and lather some paint in her hands and rub it through her hair. A bath followed that night.

I posted in my last Yarn along post about my girlie Milo vest. It worked out just as I'd hoped and it was fun to knit some scraps up. It did take much more yarn then I'd expected. I'm adding my notes here because I would like to repeat it.
I followed the directions for the bodice section of the Milo pattern, though I shortened the bodice a bit (I used 9 month size).
-switched from size 7 needles to size 10's and switched yarn colour.
-k 3, M1 around
-knit 3 rows
-k5, M1 around
-keep knitting until almost desired length, switch back to bodice colour (but keep larger needle size) K1 row, P1 rown until desired length. bind off
It's soooo soft and snuggly (& warm!)
Now the flannels, I mentioned I'd bought some new flannels and I finally found my pictures of them. I'll be adding a few pads to my shop later this week (or this weekend) and there's a couple from these prints. I'll be showing you a new pad design soon too :)

Yarn Along :: the monster ball

Joining Ginny again, all this book and yarn stuff is addicting. This week I'm keeping it simple with some leg warmers for the little one. I'm loving the practicality of legwarmers and I think I might just spend this summer knitting many legwarmers for Rowan and a few for me too. The yarn, it's a HUGE ball of an acrylic that my step son picked out for me as a Christmas gift a few years ago. The blue colour has grown on me and it's actually nice to knit up, which is good because that's a lot of yarn. I'm thinking up more projects to do with it, cable legwarmers for my niece, maybe a Mustard scarf for me, then I'll retire the ball until I need to knit a sweater or baby blanket to gift.

I just got my copy of Radical Homemakers after reading about it on so many blogs. So far I'm enjoying it, I'm not far enough into it to discuss it but it's speaking to me. It's a book that I'm sure I'll always keep near by to refer to. I'm also reading Sisters in the Wilderness to continue on with my Susanna Moodie & Catherine Parr Trail reading.
Phew, that all feels so quick! I'm looking forward to peeking into some blogs this afternoon while the littlest one sleeps.

Monday, February 7, 2011

In Colour

"All the grayness outside has me looking for little spots of color inside."
Ginny from Small Things

We had a stomach flu make a trip through our house last week, we're all well enough now. I loved Ginny's idea of looking for colour so I'm still joining in, just a little later. I think I'll see the sun tomorrow (and I can hopefully get out of our snowy driveway!).