Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yarn Along :: Gifted Knits

Joining Ginny again...
I came up with this simple pattern for wrist warmers/fingerless gloves based on something my mom described to me...I hope I got it right because these are for her birthday. I think I'll need to make some for myself too (must jot down some pattern notes as I knit the second!!) I wasn't looking forward to making these, but this is my kind of mindless knitting, isn't it perfect how all these stitches become something?
I'm still reading the same book! I'm still enjoying it but I'm ready to put a little more time and effort into finishing it because I've gotten some new books that are tempting me, plus issues of Small Farm and Harrowsmith to catch up on.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Glad for more snow

I know, glad for more snow? I am, it's true. I'm not ready for spring yet, I've got more inside organizing and rearranging to do. Diapers to repair, orders to sew, summer skirts and shorts to make (see I am thinking of warmer weather, just not ready yet.) Knitting can at least travel outdoors with me, but there is so much work waiting for us outside that there will be no knitting under a tree for a long time. First will be getting these girls contained, then the yard cleaning that needs to be done. (For now the snow hides that mess from me, thank you snow).