Monday, March 10, 2014

Drafting (Again)

I've been working on the 11 inch size again.  Selfishly, I wanted this size to be more like my own favourite 12 inch style...a bit curvier and a bit more flared.   I need to re-design the shape of the core to match those flares, and it needs to be a tiny bit narrower, then it will be ready for 
testers and feedback.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Yarn Along ~ A Turmeric Heathered


I'm well past the sleeve division on my Heathered cardigan.  I've had it on my mind for a long time and was adamant that it be a sweater that will get lots of use so I wanted the fit to be just right.  I got my gauge on US 6, but then I started knitting and doubting myself....thinking I'm much bigger than I actually am.  I should have continued to knit it on the 6's, instead I jumped to my US 7's.  I just hope it doesn't block to be much too big.  The pattern is very well written and I've been reading a KAL I found for this pattern and it's been tremendously helpful.

Also, I think I'll be casting on one or two pilot hats for a customer.  Both projects will allow for some easy knitting over the upcoming March break.


I started The Pilot's Wife this week, it's a much easier read than my last novel.

Monday, March 3, 2014

birthday baking

 A double batch of Applesauce cake (because it used up the whey and homemade applesauce I had in the fridge).   Plus peanut butter cookies, since the oven was on already.