Monday, November 24, 2008

getting back to custom orders

I've just re-opened for custom orders, this was a fun order to do. Four pads topped with hand dyed bamboo velour (12.5" & 11") and one pad topped with cotton (11").

Socks for me

These socks took forever! I don't usually knit with such fine yarn (no patience!) but this yarn
was gifted to me and it was so pretty I was determined to knit these socks up.

It's a start....

I've been working on a stash of newborn diapers. I didn't start cloth diapering my son until he was three months old. He was premature so even at his 3 month weight of about 12lbs most the diapers I had were huge on him. This time around I'll be more prepared for the newborn stage.

These diapers have a snap down to let the cord heal; they are nice and adjustable so they should grow with baby from approx. 6lbs up to 14lbs.

Here's some newborn AIO's (all in ones - no cover needed)

I'm still working on a turned and top stitched side snapping version, this is my first attempt.