Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Knitting a Rainbow

A few days ago I was having trouble thinking of something that needed to be knit, so I cast on a Honey Cowl with some hand spun I had received in a trade.  It didn't feel right from the beginning, the pattern and yarn are both beautiful but they weren't working well together.  I kept knitting it then I tried it on the other day and it wasn't quite right, not long enough to wrap twice but too long with just the single loop. I decided (finally) the yarn will be more suited to another project, and that I need some new yarn for a honey cowl ;-)

Instead, I cast on a cardigan for my daughters birthday.  As I wound the rainbow yarn I realized it was the perfect project to start at the end of January, a rainbow sweater seems just right.  I've had the yarn for a long time, wanting to save it for just the right project.  The yarn is from The The Color Wheel, I think it's called Adam's Rainbow.   I'll also be casting on some some warm socks to line her rain boots for the spring, this will give me something to knit during the day to keep this rainbow sweater a surprise.

I'm reading The Mammoth Hunters, I've been working through this series.  It's light reading and although they're enjoyable I'll be glad to take a break from the series, I'm finding it's all becoming kind of redundant.

Joining Ginny for a Yarn Along


Plain and Joyful Living said...

Your yarn looks beautiful.

momto5 said...

that yarn is lovely. and i love that description... knitting a rainbow. beautiful. :)

County Cloth Creations said...

thank you :) I haven't knit with variegated yarn in quite a long time so it will be a nice change.