Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snow And Some Custom Orders

Surely this will be our last snowstorm of the year?  These trees are weighted by heavy, wet snow.  I was sure the school buses would  be cancelled again today, but they're running so the boys have gone off to school.  They've had six snow days this year, which is many more than we're used to.  The power flickered this morning.  I hope we don't loose power, we can be without power for days out here.

I managed to get these custom pads sewn up the last couple days, and they'll be heading to the mail very soon....

10" Snow Folk (with single snap setting)

10" Pirates (with adjustable single snap setting)

10" Orange Minky (serged style)

The rest of my week will be spent on wet bags, 4th birthday celebrations, and a big grocery shop in town (not looking forward to that part).  For now, we'll go enjoy the snow, bring in as much fire wood as possible, check on the chickens, and take out the compost...I think we'll snow shoes!

Monday, February 25, 2013

ready for the week

A picture from the summer (taken by my partner) because my house is cold (not quite dry wood is causing me a lot of headaches this last week) 

-I turned 35 over the weekend which makes me feel pretty experienced

-I got a yarn swift (yeah!) for my birthday and a cast dutch oven and a yoga class 

-my youngest turns 4 this weekend (we can hardly believe it) 

-this post by Ginny at Small Things summarizes my nearly 4 years with Rowan. I think of it of often, this little person has taught me so much....I'm still learning 

-I sewed the zipper onto her birthday sweater last night and I feel much better having done it, onto the Bunny Nuggets

-now I can get to cutting for some new stock and custom orders

-she wants apple cake with green icing (just like last year) and snowmen pancakes + bacon for dinner (who can blame her)

-a visit with my sister tomorrow, I'll be taking work to busy my hands

-ready for my first week of being 35 (once I get the wood stove burning!)

Monday, February 11, 2013

A Pad & Wetbag Video Review

When I made a return to making cloth pads one thing I noticed that had changed was all the You Tube videos reviewing cloth menstrual products. I wasn't able to find any reviews of my pads, but honestly I don't spend much time of You Tube so I'm not up to par on searching etc.!

Today I stumbled on a You Tube video reviewing one of my double snap pads and a double pocket wet bag.  I'm so happy I found it and wanted to share it here with you.  The reviewer did purchase these items from my shop, and I didn't know she would be doing a review so this was a nice surprise!

Here's the link....

Youtube pad & wetbag review by thecakefate

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bright Knits

The rainbow sweater is moving along well, I should have the bottom ribbing finished by the end of the week, then it will be onto the sleeves.  I had some sizing concerns (that it was going to be ridiculously huge) but I've calmed those fears by knitting on the neck band and taking some measurements.  The sweater looks so much bigger because my daughter is nearly 4, I have to accept the fact that I'm no longer knitting for a toddler.

I took this picture Tuesday morning and I had 1.5 (scrappy) socks.  I really was not enjoying knitting these.   I wanted to get them done to be at the ready to line her rain boots on a raw, cold spring day.  She tried one sock on Tuesday afternoon and was quite excited by them so I knit right through those socks and had them on her feet by bedtime.

I 'm glad the socks are done because now I can cast on my Shalom cardigan, I'm very excited to get this going.  I picked up some Cascade eco-yarn on sale over the weekend, using my Christmas gift certificate (yeah!!).  I'm hoping I can have myself a new spring sweater.

I started reading Little Town on the Prairie to my son this week, I can't believe that here and there over the last five or so years we're nearing the end of this series.  I'm glad that at nine years old he will still eagerly pull another Little House book from the shelf and I'm also happy that in a few short years (maybe even two years) I'll be reading them again to my daughter.  I'm quite sure this is the first time I've read this book too.

Joining Ginny for a Yarn Along

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sale Now Over

I won't be able to get any new items into the shop this week, I've been busy with other projects (that's not nearly as productive as it sounds since I've been mostly been knitting).  I just added a 15% discount  code to the shop.  Enter the code 'winter15' at checkout to get 15% off your order (not including shipping, naturally)