Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Last weeks crafties

Last week I made some birthday gifts for my family members, here's a few of them some were finished just. in. time. and missed the photoshoot. MIA are a charcol knit beanie, and some yummy chocolate covered caramels mmmmmm.
A little tote for nephew to tote his cars in (very important for a 2 yr old)

Rowan liked it too :)

A reusable car trash can for my brother in-law, who's been waiting for one of these for well over 2 years.

A pair of up-cycled wool slippers for my brand new baby neice.

And a grown up pair for my partner on Valentines

The kids were feeling crafty too....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Customs orders, a trade, and knitting

Here's the most recent custom orders, a size pack of 11" Strawberry Shortcake and more 12.5" minky topped pads.

Then some boxy bags for a trade, I'm awaiting some yarn & soft soled shoes in exchange :)

I made this mini shawl for me using the Far Away, So Close pattern http://www.sweetmamasmallsugar.com/ This is the second pattern I've used from SMSS and they're very user friendly.