Monday, April 29, 2013

Over the Weekend

The weekend was full and good.  Thrifting some new clothes and some fabric shopping too.  Most of the fabric shopping was for my shop, I think I picked some nice ones.  It's hard picking fabric for the shop, sometimes I think I've got a great one...but then it doesn't sell like I imagined!  I still enjoy it though.   Even after all these years of making and selling pads, I don't think I'll ever tire of fabric shopping.  (Though taking my 4 year old into the fabric shop can be trying, I miss the days of popping her into the sling or strapping her into the Ergo.) This fabric trip I was very responsible and did some quick math before deciding exactly what to buy, the last few times I've been fabric shopping I got a bit of a surprise at the cash (I spent that much?!)  eeeppp!  I feel like I spent my money well and responsible spending is where it's at with me.

You can see the prints I chose for the shop on my facebook page, I've decided to move my fabric gallery to my FB page simplify things.  I found the prints below on sale too, I made the Olivia skirt into a cute skirt for Rowan.  I squeezed the skirt out of 1/2 metre of fabric, there was even enough fabric for a side pocket.

I chose the floral fabric to make myself another Washi Dress (this pattern is amazing!  it's the first time I've been able to make a wearable top for myself).   Now I'm not sure about the print.  As someone who's normally in all black this light floral print feels pretty uncomfortable.  I like that it has a retro touch to it, and it's got beautiful drape too....I guess we'll see.   The fabric for the dress only cost $9 so that's a pretty good price for a dress.

These girls are all prepped to move to our freezer this week, I've been spoiling them with treats of kimchi, and hummus, and in general extra table scraps.  They devoured that kimchi-wow!  We have 20 new chicks arriving at the end of May (15 meat birds and 5 layers).  It's our first time having meat birds (or more than 12 birds at once) but it feels good to be stepping out of our comfort zone, and to be moving forward with our hopes for this property.  There's even talk of a barter that would quickly and dramatically increase our garden space.

I've been working on our front flower garden,  this is the first year for this garden and I've already moved several perennials into it.  I'll never be a flower garden kind of gardner but I do like a little selection for some cut flowers.

I made these blueberry muffins yesterday,  they were delicious the recipe will be going into my recipe book.  I usually have good luck with King Arthur recipes....they have a morning glory muffin recipe that's amazing.

I found these pads that missed the last stocking so I'll add them to the shop today.  Have a wonderful week :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It Worked

I haven't been able to post here for a bit because I couldn't seem to load pictures, I stopped in today to try again and worked.  I was starting to think maybe keeping up with a blog might not be worth it, but really I do want to keep it going.  So here goes with some random recent pictures.

I made myself some new pocket pads, I've been wanting some breathable pads for myself (these have cotton and flannel on the back).  I tried them out this month and was quite happy with them.

A sweet little pilot cap, you'll notice some hand knits going into the shop.  I've come to a point where I knit more than my family needs, I'm now moving onto my Christmas knitting list!

Fabric shopping all. by. myself.  I only found a couple of prints I found 'shop worthy' I was mostly getting some supplies to make myself a Washi Tunic but I had hopes of finding some new prints for pads and wet bags too.  This cupcake print is pretty cute though, and I have another bit of fabric coming in the mail too, so watch for that too!

We're just coming off a 4 day power outage so I'll be spending the day baking bread and muffins and catching up on computer work.  Watch for a stocking of serged pads on Thursday, I'll be listing some second quality (serged pads) too.