Thursday, April 24, 2014

Merino Wool Interlock Backing

I've decided to bring some wool backing into the shop again.  I used to offer wool backed pads but the fabric climbed to such a high cost I stopped offering it.  The wool I was buying years ago was thick and best suited to serged pads.  This new wool is beautiful, it's 97% merino wool and 3% spandex and has been milled in the USA.  It  makes a nice trim pad and it is so soft and has some stretch too.  Wool is a natural breathable fibre that offers natural moisture protection.

To prep this fabric I've washed and dried it on hot three times, this allows you to machine wash your pads on cool.  After a cool water wash you can put your wool backed pads in to the dryer on a low temperature or hang them to dry.

To test out interest I'll be offering some mad-to-order pads in the shop, hopefully I'll be able to continue to offer wool as yet another option for you!