Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Yarn Along :: Organization


I've been feeling dissatisfied with my latest knitting projects.  I took a break and organized my most often used knitting notions (looking at my picture I see that project bags would also make my knitting basket tidier).  I decided to re-visit a simple pattern I knit for my daughters third birthday.  I wrongly blamed the pattern and have realized it was the yarn that made for the poor fit of my first In Threes sweater.   I'm moving along well on this version, I'm going to add sleeves to extend the project.  There's also a swatch for a Heathered Cardigan and I'm really (really) excited to start it.


I'm half way through The God of Small Things.  After a library book sale and a visit to my sisters I have a nice big stack of novels to choose my next read from. 

Joining Ginny for a Yarn Along

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Karen Sue said...

Cute sweater and I like the color. I have project bags all over. Perhaps too many! and pencil bags of knitting aids that get tossed from one bag to another. I usually end up with something to do and the stuff to do it with, but not always organized!!
Sounds like a good read, too. I picked up some library books last week and then a couple off ebay that arrived today. Too bad I can't just read...oh, life, that's the way! Enjoy!