Monday, May 13, 2013

Soon to be Stocking....

Monday is my favourite day lately, all the males in the house have gone back to school and work and it's just the little girl and I home.  She's usually calm and becomes engrossed in her play since she has less interruptions with just us here, I know better than to interrupt quiet play ;-)   Right now she's watching a copy of Mary Poppins we borrowed from the library.

Our weekend was both busy and quiet.   The weather was cold and windy with hail and snow on Sunday.  I'm glad I've only put beets and peas in the garden, but hope the apple blossoms won't be too badly damaged.  

I had a request from a long time customer for some nursing pads.  I started cutting for her order, then just kept cutting and cutting and now have several pairs to list in the shop.  I'll be adding things to the shop over the day, several turned and topstitched pads and serged pads too.

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