Monday, May 27, 2013

Custom Wet Bags & Nursing Pads

This set is all ready to deliver to a local customer, a X-Large hanging wet bag (to hold cloth diapers until wash day) and a large wet bag (to tote cloth diapers in the diaper bag).  Plus some washable nursing pads.  I made a little sunshine bib, it seems suitable for a summer baby.  Although I don't miss having a baby in my house I do enjoy sewing for those itty bitty people.

I love this print 'Aviary', a Joel Dewberry design.  I worked with this fabric years ago and it's beautiful quality, I was happy to work with again.  While working on this order I kept thinking that when I cloth diapered Quintin (9 years ago), there were just a few Canadian cloth diaper shops to choose from.     Now there's so many out there.  Also, 9 years ago I would never have dreamed of sewing my own wet bag.  By the time I diapered Rowan I was super experienced at sewing wet bags, though we didn't have one as nice as these ones!

Over the weekend I got a message about a custom wet / dry bag.  The customer picked this nesting doll fabric.  I told her I had plenty to make a 12"x12" size.  Then I went to get the fabric and realized I had just enough to make the bag....a bit more really, but it's a directional print so I had to be extra careful not to make any cutting mistakes.   The fabric is a discontinued Heather Ross print, I found it at a fabric shop near my in-laws.  I can't believe I'm out of it now!  There's still a few things in the shop using this print though.

It turned out beautifully and it's off in the mail with those pretty nursing pads.

You can see more custom wet / dry bags here & here and an older snap pocket style.

I got my sewing machine into the shop today.  I drooled over lots of fabric but didn't buy any, I'm sure when I pick up my machine I'll be leaving with some fabric though. 

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