Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snow And Some Custom Orders

Surely this will be our last snowstorm of the year?  These trees are weighted by heavy, wet snow.  I was sure the school buses would  be cancelled again today, but they're running so the boys have gone off to school.  They've had six snow days this year, which is many more than we're used to.  The power flickered this morning.  I hope we don't loose power, we can be without power for days out here.

I managed to get these custom pads sewn up the last couple days, and they'll be heading to the mail very soon....

10" Snow Folk (with single snap setting)

10" Pirates (with adjustable single snap setting)

10" Orange Minky (serged style)

The rest of my week will be spent on wet bags, 4th birthday celebrations, and a big grocery shop in town (not looking forward to that part).  For now, we'll go enjoy the snow, bring in as much fire wood as possible, check on the chickens, and take out the compost...I think we'll snow shoes!

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