Monday, February 25, 2013

ready for the week

A picture from the summer (taken by my partner) because my house is cold (not quite dry wood is causing me a lot of headaches this last week) 

-I turned 35 over the weekend which makes me feel pretty experienced

-I got a yarn swift (yeah!) for my birthday and a cast dutch oven and a yoga class 

-my youngest turns 4 this weekend (we can hardly believe it) 

-this post by Ginny at Small Things summarizes my nearly 4 years with Rowan. I think of it of often, this little person has taught me so much....I'm still learning 

-I sewed the zipper onto her birthday sweater last night and I feel much better having done it, onto the Bunny Nuggets

-now I can get to cutting for some new stock and custom orders

-she wants apple cake with green icing (just like last year) and snowmen pancakes + bacon for dinner (who can blame her)

-a visit with my sister tomorrow, I'll be taking work to busy my hands

-ready for my first week of being 35 (once I get the wood stove burning!)

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