Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yarn Along

I have a couple projects on my needles right now, the variegated yarn is turning into a pair of leg warmers for me.  The peony Cestari yarn will be a simple tunic (using the Kaia Babydoll pattern) as part of Rowan's Christmas gifts.  I work on tunic while I put her to bed, it's dark enough in her room that she can't see what I'm knitting and the pattern is simple enough I can knit it in near darkness.

My evenings are spent on sewing and pattern cutting lately, I'm nearing the end of my Christmas crafting though so I'll be looking for something a bit more challenging to cast on.  I'd like to try some simple colour work, does anyone have any pattern suggestions?

I'm reading Elizabeth and After by Matt Cohen, I found it hard to get into and though I'm enjoying the story it hasn't gripped me yet.

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