Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another Yarn Along

I'm so enjoying Ginny's Yarn Along. I missed last week because I didn't want to bore readers with the same project and book for three weeks! I'm moving on though, a new project and a new book. I'm working on my second Milo vest, I'm changing it up though. I'm going to try to girly it up by making the bodice section a bit shorter and then adding stitches to make it fuller on the bottom, similar to a play dress. I'm also using up several yarns to make it a scrappy project. It seems that no matter how many scrapy projects I do (longies, sweater), there's still more bits of yarn to use up!

My new book is again a book that's worth picking up again, The Backwoods of Canada. When I'm done this though I need to catch up reading the few magazines we get.


Anonymous said...

Some projects just take longer! My two main projects right now will probably be featured for YEARS! lol! The scrappy Milo dress is going to be fantastic!

County Cloth Creations said...

that's so would have helped if I hadn't run out of yarn 2 inches before finishing my second legwarmer!