Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another Fun Custom Order

I Just finished this order today. It includes a large hanging wetbag and 12.5" pads and 8.5" pads. This order was a bit different because the customer had her own flannel shipped to me to use for the tops (I love the prints she chose, so bright and a great quality flannel too). I used all my other usual core and microfleece fabrics to turn it into some pretty pads.
I don't generally do this type of order (where fabric is sent to me) but I'll definitely be open to it in the future. And if you're wondering the left over fabric will get sent back to the buyer with her order. It all worked out just right, and the customer has been just perfect to work with.
She picked the wetbag fabric from my collection, I'll be adding one just like it to my shop sometime very soon.

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Jennifer said...

This is my order and I love all of them. This is my second order because the first set held up so well and are the best pads I've ever used. I couldn't wait to get another set from you. Thanks again!