Monday, November 8, 2010

Getting Organized (and a plea for blog help)

A few blogs and sites I like to check into and there seems to be a search for finding a rhythm and a balance at home. I find this search reassuring-I'm not the only one looking for balance! I've been doing this stay at home mom thing for almost seven years. In that seven years there's been a fair amount of turmoil, ups and downs and changes so it's safe to say that while I've maintained my sanity there's a lot of room to feel more balanced.
One thing I've stuck to all these years is making a daily list, my list saves me and reminds me at the end of the day I've been busy, I haven't wasted time. Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to use my list to get more organized. It's hard to stay organized with a family of 5, two kids who travel to their other parents, a toddler and a house that's been under constant renovations since we've move in. So my goal is to be a little more organized, and I'm starting with a purge and overhaul of Rowans play area. This seems the best place to start, if her play are is more toddler user friendly then mama (in theory) should be able to squeeze a little more organizing time into the day.
Here's some photos of the newly overhauled play space. I removed the huge storage unit I was using because it hid her toys more that organized them and over the last few days I've put away several toys (I like to keep lots of toys so I can rotate them in and out, truthfully this is great BUT I need to get rid of a lot more toys still!) I wish I'd taken some before photos because this is a big improvement. Looking at these pictures now I can see there needs a bit of warmth added, a little rug and maybe some art on the wall.

now for my plea for blogging help. Can someone please help me out with how to add links to my blog posts? I'm sure it's easy, I just can't figure it out!! I'll be posting my Christmas to-do craft list but I'd like to be able to link to some the patterns/tutorials I'll be using. thanks for any help :)


Debbie said...

Maybe someone has answered this already...but if not...

To add a link (if you're using the blogger interface

I type the sentence first that I want to have the link in...
eg. the tutorial is one this page

I then highlight the words I want to have linked ("this page"

Then I open a new tab in my browser and go to that page... highlight and copy the URL from the address window at the top...

Now I go back to my blog post ("this page" text should still be highlighted) and I click the little button that says "LINK" it's right beside the picture icon.

That will pop up a window for you to paste your URL into....

Paste it in...hit OK...and your link should be linked... probably just wanted me to say "use the button that says LINK, and paste your URL in there" but I got a little carried away..

Hope that helps :-)


County Cloth Creations said...

thank you! I'll try it out later this week :)