Saturday, November 6, 2010!

I'm later on this than I expected but here's the news, maybe I've worked this up a little bit too much but I'm excited! It's a new slightly smaller pantyliner. County Cloth liners have been in the 7" size and I knew I needed to add something smaller because I needed a shorter liner myself. Here they are, our new 6.25" liner!

There's a few in my Etsy shop already and I've got more to add over the weekend.
These pretties are some 8.5" cotton topped pads for a trade. This is a good trade, I'll be getting some much needed new WAHM made yoga pants...can't wait!

I made these liners for myself, two of them are the new 6.25" size and one is the 7" size. I backed mine with velour and flannel. We're 20 months into breastfeeding with no sign of my period returning (yet) so I just needed something that's barely there.

Phew, it was a busy sewing week. I was only able to get this many done because my mother in law was here helping out. This coming week I'll post my holiday crafting list, we had snow yesterday so it's really feeling like the crunch is starting.

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