Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A new sweater

This is the sweater I knit when I wasn't supposed to be knitting. It seems I got lucky with the little ones sleep habits last week I was able to stay on top of sewing and get this knit up. I had *just* enough yarn, actually the second arm is a row or two short of the other so I barely made it. It's kind of a cropped version of the original pattern which is the Elliot Sweater by Teresa Cole it's a freebie on Ravelry. It was a nice easy pattern and I'll probably end up knitting another later one in the fall. I think my next knitting project will be the Mossy Jacket But with a camping trip next week and some new custom orders (yeah!) I really won't be starting this one for a couple of weeks.

(she loves it by the way!)

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