Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Back to Normal

We're finally settling into our 'normal' routine after the holidays.  My Color Affection shawl kept me sane(ish) over the holidays.  I've had the pattern for a long time but it worried me for some reason.  I gathered up the courage after getting some yarn on sale from Knitpicks, and really it was simple.  One step at a time, follow the pattern (plus read through lots of notes on Ravelry!).  It came off the needles in Sunday night while I watched Dowton Abbey and here it's being blocked where my 10 year old son said 'that's pretty' and my partner asked, 'how did you do that?'  Of course he didn't really  want to know but it's nice that I can trip his logical mind up a bit!

 Getting back to normal means some pad sewing too, I'll be stocking these tomorrow.  I've avoided buying fabric for a couple months and I'm happy that I've been able to really get a lot of fabric used up.   Now it really is time for some new prints though, I'll be going out on Thursday to see what I can find.
I'll be working on wet bags next week.  I'm going to really focus on in stock this month, and trying to have lots of sizes and absorbency available including getting pads with PUL into the shop for those of you who need it.

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