Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It Worked

I haven't been able to post here for a bit because I couldn't seem to load pictures, I stopped in today to try again and well...it worked.  I was starting to think maybe keeping up with a blog might not be worth it, but really I do want to keep it going.  So here goes with some random recent pictures.

I made myself some new pocket pads, I've been wanting some breathable pads for myself (these have cotton and flannel on the back).  I tried them out this month and was quite happy with them.

A sweet little pilot cap, you'll notice some hand knits going into the shop.  I've come to a point where I knit more than my family needs, I'm now moving onto my Christmas knitting list!

Fabric shopping all. by. myself.  I only found a couple of prints I found 'shop worthy' I was mostly getting some supplies to make myself a Washi Tunic but I had hopes of finding some new prints for pads and wet bags too.  This cupcake print is pretty cute though, and I have another bit of fabric coming in the mail too, so watch for that too!

We're just coming off a 4 day power outage so I'll be spending the day baking bread and muffins and catching up on computer work.  Watch for a stocking of serged pads on Thursday, I'll be listing some second quality (serged pads) too.

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