Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pads with PUL

I was able sew up some pads with PUL last week.  I'll be adding them to my shop this evening, maybe sooner if I can steal a few more minutes at the computer this afternoon.  I also have some wet bags to add, in some great prints that I am out of now.  

 Some of these listings will be limited, because they're fabrics that I've run out.  I'm slowly starting to rebuild a stash of fabrics, I've hardly bought any fabrics in the last several months.  I will be adding them to my flickr gallery as I pick them up.

I meant to cut and sew some 12.5 inch pads (I love this size for overnights) but I accidentaly cut my 13.5 inch pattern instead, so I have four of this size (in different prints) to add to the shop.  I rarely cut this size for instock, but there they are!

 This guy is a double pocket wet bag, the last of this print.

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