Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's been a long time

It seems my posts always start this way, beginning with how it's been so long since I last posted. My excuse this time is I was taking a very much needed break from almost anything related to sewing pads~including my blog. My pad break is over and I'm ready to slowly get back to sewing up some pads, I actually have some almost ready to list, I had hoped to be listing them this very moment but we were so busy this morning that the snaps didn't get done, this afternoon for sure though. If all goes as planned they'll be in my shop by Monday afternoon.

We (not me really) finally got a start on our kitchen renovations, what a luxury to have a functioning window and more counter space. I've been doing so much extra cooking, oh and a dishwasher is a real treat. I do feel like a energy consuming monster with it though and still wash at least one sink of dishes a day to maintain my once a day dishwasher run rule.

My break from here hasn't been all true productivity, I've fallen so in love with all the wonderful support, creativity, and knowledge I've found in the blogs of other women. I do hope in time to start to share some knowledge back, for now here's a start with some finds that have been helpful to me...

~sew yourself the best skirt ever (seriously, I've made three of these skirts for myself and want one more from before our cottage vacation, I've LIVED in these skirts this summer. I should get pictures of mine posted)

~make big batch yogurt (I've been making my own yogurt for over a year, but in a rinky-dink little yogurt maker. The small batches meant I was always rationing the yogurt (who wants that!?) Now we have lots of yogurt and lots of smoothies and smoothie pops, it's the only way I can get plain yogurt into my kids)

~Amazing tutorials for little girls clothing, so many great resources here.

~and this dress, I need several for Rowan's fall wardrobe (yes, I'm thinking about fall sewing & knitting)

~one more thing...this waterfall hair trick is saving me this summer

there, I feel better or sharing I really need to sign up for Pinterest to store all my online wishes, there's sooo much inspiration out there!

I hope to be back soon but it's summer, kids are home, the kitchen needs more work, there's sewing to do, swimming, garden harvests too, oh and canning...I better get started on the relish this week.

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Debbie said...

Yay! Good to hear from you!

Glad you've had a bit of a break :D