Friday, April 8, 2011

Over a month!

I do have visions and ideas to use this space more often, but I'm terrible at it so far. It's been over a month since I posted last. I've been really busy, that's my excuse I suppose. I've been making the choice to stay home more often, I was often running out for this or that and realized all these errands were not that necessary and were eating into my time (and budget-gas prices, especially for a 12 year old van OUCH!). So, I've been staying home much more, spending time outside nearly everyday and just making do with what we have on hand. Rowan is even enjoying walks in her stroller, I think for the first time in her life! There's been a lot of sewing going on because I've got so much fabric that I need to use it up, it's taking up too much space. I also went through my overflowing basket of clothing that I intended to re-purpose, it's been sorted into piles and I'm making my way through it.

I made these little boxer briefs yesterday and I'm so happy with how they turned out. They're made from a favorite jersey sweater I had (see photo below for the sweater story!). I was so happy with these boxers that I had Q put them on right after school so I could see if they fit well enough that I could make more. They fit him perfectly and when I asked him if they were comfy he said 'yes, everything you make is comfortable' <3 Can I also tell you that he's reading on his own now? It's been a journey but he's doing it, and I'm so proud...more importantly he is too.

This is the sweater I used for those boxers, it was a favorite thrifted sweater that lasted all through my pregnancy with Rowan and beyond. Then the zipper broke (should I be surprised?!). The quality and stretch of the knit was worth hanging onto though so I've been using it for some sewing projects.

I've been cutting into some of my vintage fabrics too. I've realized that they've been sitting in my fabric drawers for a reason-I'm attached to them. I made these Star Wars napkins and put them in my shop. They sold already which is really great because every bit of extra money is needed.

And these hankies, another new sewing project with more vintage fabrics.
Pads, of course. No worries I'll always and forever make these gems :)
There's been much more sewing too, peasant shirts for the little girl. I'm hoping to make myself a couple smock style aprons because they seem to be dreadfully practical for holding clothes pegs and protecting myself from cooking spills and muddy toddler rain boots (which also often have a skim coating of chicken poo). I'd really like to try sewing myself a couple jersey knit shirts for summer-it's doable right?

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Debbie said...

Oh... nice stuff! I need to get some sewing done... but... it's hard to find a place..pull it all out...put it all back :( I need a sewing desk.

On the jersey shirts...I've been wanting to try forever!!! I got Sew U Home Stretch and it makes it look so easy...and good...and I've got some stretch knits in my old old fabric stash... just have to work up the nerve...and the space :)