Friday, October 22, 2010

Challenge Met

I found some time to finish up my upcycling challenge. The projects piling up were starting to drive me batty! I've been going a little crazy making fun bath mats lately. I took the rest of my towel and cut it to size, serged the edges and appliqued these mushrooms on them.
I finished up the family cloth too, I think I did about nine of these circles. I only intended on making 4 or 5, but then I thought with the youngest being close to two years old (and hopefully getting some great ideas about using the potty) I may need some extras.

I still have some of the flannel and velour left but I put it away with my fabrics. I thought it would make adorable doll pajamas someday.

I dug out some flannel to make some pajama pants (for me!!) and I've also got a pair of my sons pj's out that need to be made bigger. I'll show you how to grow your pj's next week. Do you have any crafty ideas for the weekend?


Crunchy Diva said...

your family cloth looks great. you are way more organized than me. i just cut up old towels & other random fabric & i don't hem it. i just cut & use. i'll have to check out your fabric pads they look so pretty.

County Cloth Creations said...

having a serger for these projects is very handy. I just cut them to the size and stck them up beside my serger and serge them up when I have a few minutes (and sometimes thats all I've got!)