Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the beach

We went to a little beach this morning, we had it all to ourselves. We dug in the mucky sand, watched minnows, played with rocks and seed pods. I had time to think, the kids were peaceful. They're won't be many more beach trips left with school starting Tuesday and some sharp temperature decreases coming this weekend. The kids peaceful play gave me some time to think, some things I've been thinking about...

~how to go even greener and be more self sufficient. Raw milk, a pressure cooker, sheep, goats?
~the disarray of of our house which is going to get worse for a while as our wood stove is installed, how can we use this space better?
~grief and how we each experience it
~school starts in just a few days, the summer has flown by

What's been on your mind?

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