Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Stockings

Summer has arrived, our kids have their last day of school on Tuesday. Summer holidays scare me a little, they jolt me out my usual routine. And well, we have three kids....I'm out numbered! Naturally I'll have less sewing time since I'll be busy with outings, lunches, dishes and just doing my best to maintain order!

I still plan on sewing and stocking through the summer months, I'll be posting a stocking schedule here and at my Etsy shop. I'll likely stock my Etsy shop every two weeks rather than weekly. I'll remain open for customs too. Custom orders take priority over shop stocking sewing so they're a great way to get exactly what you want. I'll try to keep custom slots stocked at my Etsy shop, if you don't see any spots just send me a convo.

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