Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's been a long time since my last blog update! Ten months after Rowan's birth I finally feel like I'm getting more accomplished in pad production again! These first two pictures are just two of several pads I'll be listing on my Etsy shop tomorrow. There's a lot of blue going up tomorrow!

This alien print...I just love it
And these flannel owls glow in the dark! This is the last bit of this print I have except for maybe a couple of scraps that could maybe be turned into a liner or two.

I've been working on some custom orders lately for heavy flow pads, this order was all done in minky. Minky is so soft, it also washes up very well and leaves little to no staining. I have a custom spot just for minky pads listed in my shop if you'd like your very own minky pads.

That's all for now...the babe is napping but who knows how long (or short) that phenomenon could last ;-)

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