Wednesday, May 6, 2009

laundry, nurse, laundry, nurse.....

this feels like what I do all day long! Each day brings a minimum of two loads of laundry, we try to be conscious of how much laundry we produce but with two play loving boys, baby spit up and dirty diapers it never ends. And now that the spring weather is here I use the line as much as possible so that takes a little longer and I only wish I had a super capacity machine!!

Our littlest nursling is thriving and growing so quickly. She's a restless little nurser though so I can't even multi-task by doing computer work while she's feeding. I made a ring sling a few weeks back, initially I didn't think Rowan enjoyed it since she'd start fussing when I put her in. Now that I've figured out how she likes to be carried in the sling it's been a lifesaver and I see myself developing an obsession with making more slings for us. I've also gotten a lot of use out of the wrap carrier I made but when she's fussy the ring sling is much easier to pop her into quickly.

Regardless of all my nursing and laundry I've been able to continue to sew (for others anyway!) and keep my Etsy shop with some stock in it. Also, I haven't announced to my own customers that I've joined a new congo on Hyena Cart named 'Escape'.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Hyena Cart a congo is where a group of WAHM's join together to sell their specialty items. We've got a very talented group of Mama's and I was honoured when they asked me to join them. We'll be stocking every third Wednesday morning at 11 o'clock and you can always be sure to find new items. have a peek, we stocked today!

I've been taking custom orders and I've been a little slower in getting them done but most orders have been going out within two weeks. I will be closing for custom orders as of today. We just bought a house and we have a quick closing date.

It's a wonderful house that carries the label 'handyman's special'. Yup, this house needs a little love and attention before we move in. I should be ready to take orders towards the end of July (providing our Internet gets hooked up alright in the boonies!) I'll be spending May & June packing and focusing on getting our new home comfortable for the kids in July. I will continue to stock at Etsy and at Escape on HC during May & June though so be sure to check in!

look who was outside my office window this morning...

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