Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ready to diaper....

I think we're ready to diaper our new baby! I knew I wanted to cloth diaper my son but he arrived early and he was 3 months old before I got him out-fitted with a cloth diaper stash. This baby is ready to go from the start!!

I decided to keep it pretty simple for the newborn and size small stash since they grow out of these sizes so quickly. Here's most of what we have for the early sizes.

A new set of washable cloth wipes, each with one side in velour the other side in flannel.

Fitted newborn diapers. I made the first two in the top row from some pretty bamboo, I did the rest of them using flannel since I had it on hand.

Newborn PUL covers xs Thirsties, 2x Proraps, 2 x Bummis Super Whisper Wraps

A few all in one diapers. All in one diapers aren't my favorite type of diaper but I thought it would handy to have a few. I used Zorb in the cores of these so hopefully they'll dry fast.

More newborn diapers that were made by other work at home moms....I hope I have the names right! Top row: 2 x Lullaby Diapers, BV pocket fitted by Mandie's Menagerie (love this diaper!!) 2 x Primm n' Proper size 1 fitteds, 1 x Kissaluvs NB

Wool covers! The little pink bloomers from Luxe Baby and they are so soft & pretty! The other wool cover is a size small and will be nice to have for the warmer months.

I knit these little wool longies before finding out that we're expecting a girl. I figure they're still perfect for her though. I also knit the little sleep sack, I debated how much use we would get out of one but now I'm almost wishing I'd knit 2 of them.

I love prefolds when I diapered my son, they're so simple (and cheap!!) I was able to find these locally for $1.50 each (cdn) they're the unbleached infant size. I dyed six of them (wish I'd had some more colour variations) and the other six I did some appliques on. The best thing about these prefolds is once the baby out grows them we can still use them as inserts for pocket diapers. There's also one preemie size embelleshed prefold that I bought from Snowflakes on Hyenacart.


AnyEdge said...

Ahhh! Too cute! My wife is on Etsy too, at

Your stuff is gorgeous..I'll tell her to heart you or whatever Etsy does.

TracyKM said...

I just came here from your etsy site which I found through cousin lives near P'boro and I think I read that you do too. It's a wonderful area. I like your tutorial on momma pads; I wish I had a snap press. Do you ever use PUL in your pads? I have some scraps from making diapers so I've been thinking about it.

County Cloth Creations said...

hi Tracy, I am in the Peterborough area. it's great here, and will get even better as spring arrives!! I do use PUL in some of my pads, I try to offer pads that meet the needs and comfort levels of all women. Scraps from diaper making would work perfectly!