Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Semi Custom Sale

I really need to downsize and update my stash of fabrics so I've been running a semi-custom sale at my shop on Hyena Cart. This allows you to choose your own size (from panty liner up to the 12.5" overnight size) and you can also add PUL if you like...this means I don't have to guess what I should make and you get some choice!

I'll be running this promo for a bit longer, when you check out use the discount code 'save10' to save 10% off you order.
Wait time is reasonable too, I've been sewing orders up as they come in and putting them in the mail within one week. Here's some pictures of a few semi custom orders that I shipped out

I promised forever ago that I'd be adding a do-it-yourself postpartum pad tutorial and it's on it's way! I have all the pictures taken, I just need the time to sit down and type out the instructions....and time has been very short over the holidays with both the kids home from school. It's back to school next week though PHEW! So I'll have some un-interrupted computer time :)

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