Friday, October 31, 2008

An update for November

Here's a little preview of some pads I have cut and I hope to sew them this weekend, there's a few new fabrics so I'm excited to get them done. I'll remain closed to custom orders for most of November. Hopefully by the third week of November I'll have gotten most of my not-so-fun essay and teachers college application done, then I can focus on sewing again. Still check for me at Etsy and Dibble Dabble since I'll be doing the odd stocking.

I've got piles of things I want to get sewn up including lots of diapers for our baby girl who'll be arriving in March. I also have some fun ideas planned for my blog so keep checking back in. I'll get them posted in early December... I need to get them posted so these ideas will stop consuming my brain at 4:00 am!!

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