Thursday, July 31, 2008

Off to Australia

These wetbags will be on their way to Australia. The cute frog print bag is a single pocket style, the others are double pocket wetbags plus a matching cup pouch.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Raw silk is here...

For those of you who've been asking for raw's here! I have a natural shade and a beautiful deep purple colour too. Raw silk acts as a wonderfully breathable wicking layer for pads, panty liners, nursing pads, and liners for cloth diapers. It's ability to wick away moisture helps keep rashes and infections (ie: yeast) at bay. I still need to pre-wash these but they'll be ready to sew soon.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Going Local

This was a quick custom order for a local customer, she always lets me choose her flannel prints which is fun! This is nine pads in the 8.5" size and one pad in the 10" size, all with hidden PUL.
Hope she enjoys!

A quick stocking on Hyena Cart

I'll be stocking a few items on my Hyena Cart shop on Thursday. I'll be listing wool backed pads and also another medium size hanging wetbag in my favorite 'Pod Posies''s a picture

Friday, July 18, 2008

A new wetbag style!

I made one of these wet bags months ago and I'm finally making them a priority to stock! It measures 10.5" X 12" and is perfect for hanging in the bathroom to store used pads until washday. A handle that snaps allows you to hang this bag any wear; even over the shower curtain rod. A pocket in the front holds a few clean pads in easy reach. This exact bag will be listed on my Etsy shop later on today (pads not included...but you knew that!).

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Scary Halloween Fabric

I guess these prints are more adorable & irresistible than scary. These Halloween prints arrived in the mail this week. I'll start sewing them up for in-stock pads around the beginning of September. I just have a small piece of each of these prints though so if you're in love with any of them I would be happy to work on them as a custom. My favorite is the vultures in the cemetary-spooky!

Relishing Relish

I've misplaced my favorite relish recipe. I searched online to find a recipe that had similar ingredients. I didn't have much success though. I did produce 13 jars of relish, however this particular recipe wasn't blog worthy and is pretty bland. If I do find my tried & true recipe I will happily share it here! If you have a favorite canning recipe please share too :-)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A quick custom and something new...

Here's a quick little custom order that's ready to ship. Two 8.5" pads topped with pretty cotton prints; cotton prints have become my favorite top layer for hot summer days ;-)

I had a special request for some extra long 14.5" turned & top stitched pads. I've been meaning to create a longer pad so I'm very happy someone asked me to make this size. The first round of testing has gone well. I'll be working on this new size a bit more and I'll be looking for a second round of heavy flow/postpartum testers....these will likely be listed at Hyena Cart so keep an eye open!! Here's a little preview of the new size

Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer for County Cloth

My son started his summer holidays two weeks ago, so I'll be spending more time with him during the next couple of months. We'll have lots of day trips, visits with friends & family and more summer fun like camping and canning up all sorts of jams, relishes, and pickles!

I'll still be stocking on a regular basis, but not as many items per stocking. I'm still taking custom orders with a turn around time of 1-2 weeks (depending on your order size of course!), so if you have something in mind feel free to contact me. You can check here for custom order policies: or also on my Etsy site under my 'Profile' section.

New cotton prints...

I found these beautiful batik prints this week, I especially like the pink & green print that has the silhouette of soaring birds, it's so pretty! I also found this fun lipstick print too, you can see all my available fabrics & custom work on my Flickr gallery

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Going in the mail today....

I get the chance to sew a lot of beautiful fabrics including luxury fibres such as bamboo velour, but I love working with flannel. It's so easy to sew and the prints are usually bright & fun. This customer wanted all her pads topped with flannel, she chose her prints and requested hidden PUL. The 12.5" size are perfect for heavy flow, over nights, and even postpartum. This size also has adjustable snap settings so the wearer can choose their width.

Monsters wear board shorts.....

Any of you who happen to be/have been the parent of a 4yr old can appreciate the vastness of their temperaments. A 4yr old has the ability to be an independent, loving, caring being to well.... a little monster! I made this set for my own little monster.

The shorts went wrong from the beginning, my first mistake was to buy *just* enough of this awesome plaid patchwork to make a pair of shorts. Mistake #2 happened while I was talking on the phone and cutting out the pattern pieces, NOT a good idea when you have barely enough fabric to begin with. So the half plaid patchwork & half tan twill shorts were the result. And the applique cyclops got his own pair of board shorts too!

county cloth is blogging....finally!

The time for County Cloth to start blogging is very overdue! I'll be using this blog to post shop updates such as newly dyed fabrics, new fabrics, pictures of customs orders of cloth menstrual pads as well as other sewing or knitting projects I have time to create! Please check in for shop chatter & updates.